About me

About me

Bis Anfang 2022 widmete ich meinen beruflichen Werdegang größtenteils dem Personalmanagement internationaler Konzerne in Dänemark, Österreich und Deutschland.

Whether as employee, project manager, management consultant, leader or even as a member of top management, I have observed and experienced a wide variety of processes.

Focusing the view on myself and finding out what fulfills me on a professional level and allows me to contribute my skills in the best possible way, was definitely a learning process for me as well.

Self-confidence is one thing - acting on it and prioritizing one's personal goals is another

I quickly realized that I enjoyed working as a management consultant. I always found it very fulfilling to hold workshops and seminars and to interact with people. However, I personally found the topics such as IT implementation or strictly prescribed career paths less enriching.

Als ich 2019 in der Unternehmensberatung für Deloitte in Wien arbeitete, traf ich den Entschluss, mein bereits lang gestecktes Ziel anzugehen und parallel zum Job die Ausbildung zum systemischen Coach und Berater zu beginnen. Im August 2020 erhielt ich mein Diplom. Die Inhalte dieser Ausbildung bereichern seither nicht nur meine generelle Einstellung zum Leben und mein tägliches Handeln, sie trugen auch für meine Rolle als Führungskraft maßgeblich zur erfolgreichen Zusammenarbeit mit meinen Mitarbeitern bei.

Sometimes all it takes is a little change: in my world "the sky is the limit" developed to "the sky has no limit".

Even though I did not always perceive my work for multinational corporations as fulfilling, it has taught me many things that define my expertise today. In my profession as a coach, these experiences enable me to contribute to the personal growth of others, individually and detached from external guidelines.

For a long time, in my jobs I focused on developing and promoting the potential of others, and the only potential I did not promote was my own. Participating in the Hoffman Process at the end of 2019 was a first breakthrough to myself, after which I started to question my work environment more closely and compared my own values with those of the companies I worked for. I realized that I had to change something. Everyone has to go through this process for themselves - it takes time to reflect, realize, replan and take action.

Ein weiterer Durchbruch war meine Zertifizierung zum MindMirror Coach für pferdegestütztes Coaching. Dank dieser Ausbildung, habe ich gelernt, die Zeichen besser lesen zu können, die mir meine Pferde schon immer gegeben haben. Hand aufs Herz – möglicherweise habe ich schon das ein oder andere Zeichen wahrgenommen, ich habe nur bis dahin nicht hinschauen wollen, weil es sehr viel Mut braucht, die bisherigen Verhaltensmuster abzulegen und voller Selbstvertrauen den eigenen Weg zu gehen!

After I myself was coached with a horse and it did not stop running around with me in a pretty tight circle, I realized from one second to the next that the spinning in circles must now come to an end - my long-planned self-employment was kicked off!

I am convinced that we only give our full effort, when we do something that we thrive on.

Whether privately or professionally, as long as we are authentic in our behavior, because we do what makes us who we are, it meets with credibility and appreciation. Through this feeling of fulfillment, our level of satisfaction and quality of life increases immediately. It means that we are in balance with ourselves - this in turn becomes perceptible to others.

My passion lies in accompanying people on their path to themselves.

To do this in connection with horses is my personal maximum of authenticity and fulfillment. It is a great desire of mine to share the genius, empathy and ability of non-judgmental mirroring of horses with other people and thus enrich their lives.

What my clients say

If you should seek support on your personal path to a fulfilled self, I look very much forward to walking along with you as your coach - with or without horses.

Do not hesitate to contact me through mail, phone or directly book your initial meeting through the calendar function and we will align on your personal request.

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